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Judaic-Slavic Journal 1(2) 2019


Obl_2019_N 2.jpg  Judaic-Slavic Journal 2019 N1(2)

This is the second issue of the new open access academic Judaic-Slavic Journal, dedicated to the study of the history and culture of East European Jews. The main thematic block of articles includes rich and diverse materials on Jewish museums and collections.

The issue is dedicated to the blessed memory of our Ukrainian colleague, a scholar of the cultural heritage of Eastern European Jewry, Irina Anatolyevna Sergeeva (18.07.1958 – 26.10.2019). Her article History of the Museum and Archives of the Jewish Historical and Ethnographic Society after October 1917 opens the new issue.

Along with new research papers, which make up the core content of the journal, we publish  archival documents, translations, reviews and abstracts. The goal of the publication is to foster the further development of Jewish studies in Russia within the contemporary scholarly mainstream and to support and expand the dialogue between Russian scholars and their colleagues abroad.

We hope that the journal will be of interest not only to specialists in Jewish studies but also to a broader community of scholars in the humanities and social sciences in Russia and abroad