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Winter school on Jewish Studies "Culture and Everyday Life: Jews in Antiquity and the Middle Ages"

January, 30 – February, 3, 2022, Moscow

On January, 30 February, 3, 2022, the Planernoye hotel near Moscow will host a Winter school on Jewish Studies "Culture and Everyday Life: Jews in Antiquity and the Middle Ages", organized by the Sefer Center in cooperation with the International Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with the support of Genesis Philanthropy Group, The Russian Jewish Congress, and the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress.

Students, graduate students and young teachers (up to 45 years old inclusive) are invited to participate in the Winter School, whose areas of interest include the history and culture of the Jewish people in antiquity, the Middle Ages and early modern times. Within the framework of three parallel lecture streams at the school will be considered

· the problems of the origin of the monotheistic tradition in ancient Israel;

different aspects of the daily life of the ancient Jews;

transformation of the images of the Tanach in the Apocrypha, Gnostic and early Christian teachings;

the history of the relationship between Jews and Christians in medieval Western Europe,

the food code of the Jewish culture of medieval Spain as a key to the study of social relations, gender differences, mythological and religious ideas;

perception and distant consequences of the Alhambra Decree of 1492 on the expulsion of Jews from Spain;

A separate stream will be devoted to an introduction to Jewish medieval paleography: the main types of writing that developed in the Jewish world before the era of typography, the structure of a manuscript book, methods of studying it, the possibilities of dating and localization, the role of bibliological analysis in philological and historical research, the creation of Jewish books, colophons, incunabula, the appearance of title pages; iconography of medieval Jewish illustrated manuscripts.

All lectures will be held in Russian.

Payment for travel of nonresident participants to Moscow is not provided.

All participants (except nonresident participants, who paid their transportation costs) shall pay the participation fee in the amount of 2500 rubles. Applications for participation in the School (online application form) are accepted until December 20, 2021.

For a description of the courses, see the table below. The results of the competitive selection for the Winter school will be sent out by December 27, 2021.




Evgenia Smagina

Transformation of Tanakh Images in Apocrypha and Late Exegesis

Arye Olman

The Everyday Life of Ancient Jew

Svetlana Babkina

God (s) and Cult (s) of Ancient Israel

Galina Zelenina

Two Hundred Years Apart: Jews and Spaniards in Mutual Imaginations, XVI-XVII centuries

Semyon Parizhsky

Food Code of Medieval Sephardic Culture

Yulia Bershadskaya-Leybovich

Jews and Christians in the Middle Ages

Alexander Gordin

Medieval Jewish Paleography: An Introduction to the Study of Manuscripts

Semyon Yakerson

From a Colophon to a Title Page

Dilshat Harman

Illustrated Jewish book: Western European Manuscripts of the 13th 16th centuries

You can find annotations and syllabuseshere(in Russian)