"Tirosh. Works on Jewish Studies" ("Tirosh", "young wine" in Hebrew) is a publication of scientific articles and researches on Jewish History, Culture, Philosophy, Literature, Biblical and Semitic studies, Israel studies by young scholars, bachelor, master and doctoral students. Most of the works are based on the talks given at the Annual International Conferences (Youth panels) on Jewish Studies held by SEFER.

The deadline for submissions this year is June, 1

Guidelines for Authors

The paper should be submitted in accordance with the formatting requirements and carefully proofread. 

The size of the paper will be not more than 3 000 words in Times New Roman, font size 12. The main text will be in Russian and will be preceded by a summary in English accompanied by a translation of the title and author's affiliation. Please do not use internet translation programs.

Large quotations will be designed as a separate paragraph of the text with an interval from the main text. 

The illustrative material will be presented in clear graphic form in electronic format (JPEG or TIF - no less than 300 dpi). The list of images, tables, graphs etc. will be attached in a separate file.  

Bibliographical references will be indicated in square brackets, inserted in the text, for example: [Клиер 2000, 349–350] i.e. the name of the author, year of the book publication, the number(s) of the page(s) can be specified, if necessary, after the comma. There will be no punctuation marks between the name and the year. If the paper lists two works of the author that appeared in one year, they will be successively denoted in the list of references by the letters of the alphabet:

Тёмкина 2008а — Тёмкинa А. Сексуальная жизнь женщины: между подчинением и свободой // Труды факультета политических наук и социологии. Вып. 15. СПб., 2008. 

Тёмкина 2008б — Тёмкинa А. Гендерная модернизация по-советски vs традиционные сценарии сексуальной жизни // Ab Imperio. 2008. № 3. С. 243–287. 

They should be indicated with letters in references: [Тёмкина 2008а, 34]; [Тёмкина 2008б, 87]. 

Examples of publications:


Клиер 2000 – Клиер Дж.Д. Россия собирает своих евреев. Происхождение еврейского вопроса в России: 1772–1825. М.; Иерусалим, 2000. 

Rogger 1986 – Rogger H. Jewish Policies and Right-Wing Politics in Imperial Russia. London, 1986. 

Dan 1999 – Dan J. Ha-meshihiut ha-yehudit ha-modernit (Современный еврейский мессианизм [иврит]). Tel Aviv, 1999. 

Articles in a periodical: 

Белова 1997 – Белова О. Этноконфессиональные стереотипы в славянских народных представлениях // Славяноведение. 1997. № 1. С. 25–32. 

Cohen 1966 – Cohen Z.J. The Russian Bible Society and the Russian Orthodox Church // Church History. 1966. Vol. XXXV. P. 420–422. 

Shneider 1998 – Shneider M. Sefer ‘Yosef we-Osnat’ we-ha-mistiqa ha-yehudit ha-qeduma (Книга Иосифа и Асенеф и ранняя еврейская мистика [иврит]) // Kabbalah. Journal for the Study of the Jewish Mystical Texts. 1998. № 3. P. 303–344. 

Articles in a collection of papers: 

Вишницер 1914 – Вишницер М. Общий очерк политической и социальной истории евреев в Польше и Литве // История еврейского народа. Т. XI. История евреев в России. Т. 1. М., 1914. С. 55–70. 

Sack 1987 – Sack B. The Influence of Cordovero on Seventeenth-century Jewish Thought // Jewish Thought in the Seventeenth Century / Ed. by I. Twersky and B. Septimus. Cambridge (Mass.), 1987. P. 365–379. 

Dan 1968 – Dan Y. Baayat qidush ha-shem be-torata ha-iyunit shel hasidut ashkenaz (Проблема мученичества в теоретическом учении движения Хасидей Ашкеназ) // Milhemet qodesh u-martirologiya be-toldot yisrael u-ve-toldot ha-amim (Священная война и мартирология в истории Израиля и других народов [иврит]). Yerushalayim, 1968. P. 125. 

Biblical quotes will be formatted in accordance with standard rules adopted in the Brussels Bible: abbreviated names of biblical books (without a dot), chapter and verse numbers will be separated by a colon with no spaces, chapter numbers by semicolons (for example, Gen. 5: 7; Ex 8: 6- 9; Numbers 8; 1 Kings 8: 1-9: 4). 

Please pay attention that between the page numbers, chapters and poems, as well as between years and numbers there will be no dash, but a hyphen, for example: p. 25-48, ch. 7-11, January 17-19, 1995-1997). If fonts that are not included in the standard Windows package are used in the text of the article, these fonts should be attached to the article in the form of files with the extension .ttf.

Footnotes, notes will be only automatic, paginal, numbered with Arabic numerals. The footnote at the end of the sentence will be placed before the dot. Footnote font: Times New Roman, size 10.

Quotes only French quotation marks («») will be used, if the quote begins with the quoted word or is adjacent to the end of the quotation, double quotes will be used in French quotation marks «“раз”, “четыре”». 

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